Solution-Focused Therapy 2-3 sessions

Just need to talk to someone for a few sessions. Solution-focused therapy provides immediate care in a cost-effective manner – sometimes a problem only requires another person’s perspective to find the answer to a difficulty.

Brief Therapy 6-12 sessions

Often people use counseling only when it becomes a crisis. Get a jump on your struggles before they get out of hand. Here we tackle the problem together by addressing the past, present and the future. Issues such as depression, marriage conflict, or family issues are addressed.

Long-Term Therapy many sessions

Due to a childhood/adult trauma or a lifetime chronic issue, a longer-term approach can be more effective. By working with a professional on a regular basis, you can overcome a past hurt or long-term problem, such as substance abuse, eating disorders or other past abuses.


March 29, 2020

When I first sought counseling with Doyle DeGraw for my eating disorder, I was 68 pounds and desperate. I was near death physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. I had tried inpatient centers and other types of therapy before, but none of them helped. My family was already planning my funeral.

Doyle changed all of that. He built a foundation of genuine trust in our sessions and he listened to my words. He challenged me when needed and unpacked my lifetime of strongholds. With patience and innovative methods, he helped me understand my mental roadblocks and guided me towards tangible change.

Finally, Doyle taught me the truth about God and I learned invaluable lessons about my self-worth. Today I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I am free of my anorexic chains and I am equipped with boundaries and hope to face the future. I recommend counseling with Doyle for anyone seeking true freedom.

-Christina S.