Dealing with Fear

Dealing with Fear              Everyone has to deal with fear.  What is your biggest fear?    Lucinda Basset writes in The Solution:  Conquer Your Fear, Control Your Future that there are common responses that represent fear.  Consider the following list and evaluate if these common responses are part of your life (Bassett, 2011).  These include fear […]

Handling Perpetual Marital Conflict

Marital Conflict or Understanding What We are Arguing About               All marriages have conflict.  It is a mistake to try avoiding conflict.  In fact, avoiding conflict is not genuine and can lead to greater problems down the road.  The real issue is how to handle conflict in a way that provides a win/win or […]

A Study of Freedom

A Study of Freedom from Luke 15 WESUD: Wounding, Entanglement, Sin, Ungodly Beliefs, Demons The Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10)—Wounding The coin was lost through no fault of its own. This is a Type A trauma caused by absence. The act of being lost is traumatic and normally leaves a wound, memories, resulting scars and a […]

Choice Theory and Christian Worldview

Integration of a Christian Worldview Reality Therapy or Choice Theory What is realitytherapy? This therapy was founded by William Glasser during the 1980’s and fully developed by 1996.  Reality therapy or choice theory proposes that we are not born blank slates waiting to be externally motivated by forces in the world around us. Rather, we […]

Problem Solving and Changing Emotions

Problem Solving When solving the problems that result from a recurring event the following steps are helpful steps toward recovery from the effects of the problem. These steps assist an individual in effectively establishing new beliefs and emotional consequences. Activating event. An activating event is the specifically the event that just happened in relationship with […]